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Department of the Preparatory Year

  • Preparing and entering academic schedules and class sections for the first, second semesters as well as the  summer session in coordination with the Preparatory Year Deanship for all tracks and programs of preparatory year students, either in the general or transitional  program


  • Studying the results of tentative enrollment and the following up the final amendments to academic schedules in preparation for the final enrollment, in coordination with the Department of Registration
  •  Following up the results of the actual automatic registration, making comments, and proposing solutions to problems, if any, with the Department of Registration
  • Registering  manually, solving registration problems of defaultingstudents and special cases, and treating cases that arising from track change, amending entered results, or correcting the level in English language after obtaining the approval of the competent person 
  •  Merging and canceling  some classes upon the request of competent quarters in the Deanship of Preparatory Year on the basis of the enlargement or capacity of these classes
  •  Providing the Deanship of Preparatory Year with the registration history data for each student after two weeks as of the start of the semester
  •  Implementing the decisions of relevant committees and boards regarding Preparatory Year students
  •  Implementing the decisions of giving opportunities to students
  •  Implementing decisions of reinstatement
  • Transferring between Preparatory Year tracks
  •  Implementing withdrawal from a semester
  •  Implementing the postponement of a semester
  •  Implementing  entry-denial decisions or denial cancellation decisions and handling ensuing results
  •  Implementing course equivalencies for Preparatory Year students from inside or outside the university
  •  Receiving reinstated students' files and delivering them to the Department of Alumnus Affairs
  •  Providing statements about Preparatory Year students upon the request of authorized quarters in the Deanship or university administration
  • Receiving lists of grades of Preparatory Year students and forwarding them to the Department of Support and Logistics for entering, verifying, and approving them
  • Following up overdue lists of grades on a daily basis with the Deanship of Preparatory Year during the period of final exams
  •  Receiving incoming transactions concerning Preparatory Year affairs, taking action about them, and responding to them immediately or later after the completion of their procedures or forwarding them to decision-makers
  •  Receiving applications and inquiries from visitors, Preparatory Year students and their relatives, and female students' relatives, taking action about them, and responding to them immediately or later after forwarding them to decision-makers
  •  Reading and replying to Preparatory Year students' messages through the Department's e-mail (, reacting positively with them, and forwarding the ones that need to appropriate workers
  •  Executing all logistic tasks related to the work of the  allocation committee for students who complete the requirements of the Preparatory Year. These tasks start as of the announcement of entering preferences until the release of allocation results . Inquiries are also responded to after allocation
  •  Reviewing all the applicable procedures related to the Preparatory Year, proposing appropriate amendments that lead to the improvement of performance, and providing better service to students and officials
  •  Conducting tasks with which the Department is entrusted by the Dean and vice deans


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