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Registration of a Visiting Student

Applying for a visiting student at King Saud University

Students from other universities can apply online to study at King Saud University as visiting students in accordance with the following regulations:   

 - The applicant should have a transcript with a GPA for at least two semesters in his/her university before applying to study as a visiting student.

 - The applicant must not be dismissed on educational grounds.

 - Prior written approval letter from the student's current university should be obtained to allow him/her to study as a visiting student along with specifying the courses to be taken.

- The maximum number of semesters that a student is allowed to study as a visiting student is two semesters.

- A student is not allowed to be admitted as a visiting student if he/she ever got a (DN-Denied) grade in any course he/she studied before as a visiting student at King Saud University.

- Courses’ registration is the responsibility of the student and is subject to regulations and registration schedule.



- The student should contact the department that offers the courses he/she wishes to study at King Saud University in order to review the course descriptions and ascertain that they are offered in a certain semester.

- The student must apply online through the following link:


- At the end of the semester, a visiting student shall issue an academic transcript that includes final results and deliver it to his/her university.

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:18am