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Transferring to the University

The transfer terms 
1 - The student must have studied at a recognized college or university.
2 - The student should not be dismissed from the university from which he transfers for disciplinary reasons.
3 – The student must have achieved the required average on which the admission to the specialization he wishes to transfer to is based.
4 – The student  should pass at least 24 credit hours in the specialization at the university from which he/she transfers by regular attendance.
5 – The student should provide an acceptable reason for the transfer request.
6 - Approval of the dean of the college to which the student wishes to transfer under the terms of transfer that are approved by the College Board, and exist in the Deanship of Admissions and Registration.
7 - The number of credit units that a transferred student is required to study at King Saud University may not be less than (60%) of the total number of the required credit units for obtaining the bachelor's degree from the university.
8 – The Preparatory Year plan (health - scientific – humanities) shall be applied to student transferred to the college unless the plan is noted as equivalent to the preparatory year plan program which they already studied.
Important Notice
 Submitting the transfer application to the University does not mean the request is approved unless the approval of the transfer committee is issued.
 Required Documents
1 - Three copies of the high school certificate.
2 - Three copies of the transcript ratified and stamped by the university from which he/she has been transferred.   
3 – Two copies of the state ID.
4 - Reasons for transferring and the cause of  discontinuing study if the student has discontinued study.
5 - A copy of the Measurement Center exams.
6 - The student may not withdraw his/her file from the university at which he/shestudies until he/she receives the approval of his/her  transfer application from the Deanship of Admissions and Registration at King Saud University.
7 - The student should keep a copy of the documents that he/she submits to the university.
8 - The student whose transfer is approved should deliver the original documents during the specified period before the start of the semester, otherwise his/her transfer approval shall be annulled from outside the university.
9 – The student may not claim the documents submitted as they are only copies.
10 - Identification letter from the student's guardian's employer + two copies of the family card (female students).
The application along with the rest of the documents referred to above should be submitted to  the Deanship of Admissions and Registration after completing the external transfer form (the form specially designed for transfer).

- The Deanship of Admissions and Registration receives transfer applications from outside the university and sends to the concerned colleges. Applicants for transfer shall take the exams that may be required by some specialties.
- The student who obtains the approval of the transfer committee shall be notified to deliver the originals of the required documents during the specified period to complete the procedures for his/her transfer and grant him/her a student number at King Saud University.
- The student whose transfer is approved shall apply to his/her college for course equivalency according to applicable procedures.
- After issuing his/her student number, the student shall access the academic system portal for registration and check with his/her college in case of any problem in registration.
- The student should take out the university card fromthe Deanship of Admissions and Registration.

Procedures for course equivalency for transferred students from outside the university
1 - The student applies to his/her college or the Preparatory Year track to which he has been transferred for equivalencies of courses that he/she already passed. He/she should enclose a copy of the transcript (original) ratified by the university from which he has been transferred along with descriptions of the courses that he passed and a copy of the form of the equivalency.
2 – The College Board or its proxy may approve the equivalency of passed courses, noting that the maximum is 40% of the study plan at King Saud University.
3 – The signed and ratified equivalency letter shall be sent to the Deanship of Admissions and Registration to implement it on the academic system after verifying  its compliance with regulating rules.
4 - The student should log into his/her account via the academic system portal to ascertain that the courses have been noted as equivalent. The student should also check that the equivalent course has been cancelled from registration if it is registered in the semester when the equivalency was conducted.

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