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Committees and Logistic Units

The Treatment Unit of Students' Academic Issues:
     - Solving students' academic issues regarding the opportunities given to dismissed students  owing to the expiration of the  assigned study period. This is done through the college or by presenting  the matter to the committee if necessary.
     - Investigating the status of the student applying to the unit in terms of warnings and determining whether he is eligible for other opportunities automatically. Otherwise, the application is forwarded to the college or the committee according to the case.
- Studying withdrawal cases from a course for students whose their credit hours is less than 12 hours, and entering his/her data on the system of the committee.
- Receiving withdrawal applications from a semester via colleges, students and the University Studies Center, and entering them on the committee system.
- Studying transfer applications from colleges for each student and entering his/her data on the committee system until presentation.
- Studying applications for result amendments and makeups, and entering their data on the committee system until presentation.

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Faisal bin Fhaid Al-Otaibi
            Nayef bin Obeid Al-Obeid 


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