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Dean's Message



The Deanship of Admissions and Registration is reckoned one of the most substantial channels of communication between the university and community .The scope of its work goes beyond the traditional boundaries as it is no longer confined to administrative and technical activities and duties within the Deanship walls. As one of the university's imposing edifices, the Deanship meets the public and vice versa, and on its entrances students' collegiate life commences. The Deanship continues to follow up on students academically and to surmount insuperable obstacles in their way during study until they graduate from university. Armed with knowledge, students shall contribute to building their homeland with the science, information and skill, which they have obtained during their study at university. Proceeding from its leading role, the Deanship shoulders the responsibility for providing adequate information about the university, its colleges, specializations and admission requirements. It also enlightens students on the necessary rules and statutes that they need during their study career such as the study system, exams, stipends, rewards, etc. In addition, it communicates with students in high school stage through distributing brochures, pamphlets and guiding manuals and visiting some schools in Riyadh region and other regions in order to introduce the university and its colleges. Moreover, it consistently receives students and visitors from various schools. The Deanship seeks to follow the latest developments in admission and registration procedures, and keep up with modern technological developments that contribute to improving the work mechanism, accomplishing tasks, simplifying procedures and shifting toward the environment of electronic work according to the directions of the sagacious leadership concerning the transfer to the practical application of the e-government concept. The academic system is considered the largest and most significant system at the university. It is the most system in need of updating and developing in terms of devising software, its maintenance or its adjustments in accordance with academic changes within the university. In cooperation with the General Administration of Computing and Information Systems, the Deanship has applied several technical requirements for itself. This has included, for example; the establishment of subprograms and adjustment of several programs and displays and their maintenance as well as the periodic archiving of old data to ease the burden on the database. With the rapid expansion of the University by opening new colleges inside and outside the city of Riyadh, it was imperative that the Deanship keep pace with this expansion by developing and updating academic information management systems and supporting subsystems such as the immediate e-admission system, the automatic registration system, the academic follow-up system, the system of entering examination results, the system of graduating students, the clearance system, etc. The Deanship exerts constant efforts to take advantage of modern technologies, which facilitate the supporting processes of the academic system at the university. To illustrate, the Deanship pioneered the establishment of a network for personal computers to which its staff have been linked. This highly contributed to developing the performance of the Deanship and its staff, and hence expediting and facilitating the completion of work. The Deanship sets the target of taking advantage of modern technologies as a top priority in order to facilitate students' affairs. It leads the process of administrative and technical development for this beating heart within the walls of this prestigious university, praying to Allah for help and guidance.

Dean of the Deanship of Admission and Registration

About Deanship





Leadership and distinction in admission and registration processes and attracting the best students at the university to contribute to building the knowledge community.



Fulfilling the distinction in the performance of all admission and registration processes and services in a form that achieves quality,transparency and justice among students, with the optimum use of technology in all processes through distinctive staff and stimulating work systems of high quality, and cooperating with partners within the and outside university to contribute to developing the academic and national affair.

 Our Objective stratigecs



  • Attaining quality and accreditation, according to the comprehensive quality standards for all the services and tasks done by the Deanship of Admissions and Registration.


  •  Developing performance efficiency, and encouraging distinction and creativity among the staff of the Deanship.

  • Developing mechanisms and criteria of the admission of male and female students both nationally and internationally.

  •  Developing admission and registration services with the optimum use of the technology.


  •  Consolidating existing partnership inside and outside the university.  


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