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Department of Alumnus Affairs

Department of Alumnus Affairs

Receiving admitted students’ files in that year as well as giving back the files of  graduating, transferred and withdrawing students


Receiving applicants and visitors, issuing transcripts, collecting fees of issuing transcripts and replacements for lost degree certificates, and stamping copies of both

Drawing up certificates for all degrees and writing signs, which contribute to guiding students to the departments of the Deanship, which undertake various tasks


Translating certificates for all degrees, issuing their replacements, as well as statements, Identification letters, and responding to international inquiries concerning students interested in scholarships via the Translation Center

Issuing the directory of male alumni and the directory of female alumni and giving them out during the graduation ceremony at the end of each academic year

Stamping copies of documents, certificates and statements, and signing them for students interested in getting them ratified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Responding to correspondence from attaches', embassies and ministries related to education to enquire about the accuracy of documents of applicants wishing to pursue education or obtain employment. The documents are verified, then statements are issued

Organizing the distribution of degree certificates and transcripts through placing notices inside the Deanship and on the Deanship's page on the university's website. Usually, distribution is administered in the evening period to avoid crowding. The department also amends degree certificates and issues replacements for damaged or lost certificates

On the basis of the principle of the university's relation with the society and other Saudi universities as well as the Kingdom's relation with the other Gulf, Arab and Islamic countries, visiting students from other universities or scholarship students from various state sectors, public and private institutions, or form other countries join the university. The Deanship furnishes these quarters with terminal reports about the progress of their students

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