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Female Students’ Admission and Registration Department

  • - Conducting the admissions and registration policy at the university and colleges and coordinating between them
  • - Supervising the process of admitting female students by following up the unified electronic admissions portal, receiving admitted female students' files, and solving the problems of admission in accordance with regulations and instructions
  • - Contacting female students during the admissions period through e-mails and the forum of admissions
  • - Following up the academic status of female students by entering and updating their academic  status on the undergraduate and graduate levels on the system according to the regulations. This process includes the resolutions of college boards, Female Student Disciplinary Committee and the resolutions of the University Board, such as the approval of doubling the period of study, the exceptional and additional opportunities , cases of reinstatement and dismissal, and the approval of makeups, taking account of keeping accurate and organized records of these resolutions
  • - Verifying and executing transfer applications between colleges and from outside the university according to the rules and regulations along with completing the procedures for transferred female students' course equivalencies from inside and outside the university and implementing them on the system
  •  - Supervising the reinstatement of withdrawing female students from the university according to the rules and regulations
  • - Supervising the process of entering the grades of female students
  • - Implementing cancellation and addition processes for female students who check with the Deanship under the direction of colleges
  • - Executing the requests of colleges regarding schedules beyond the assigned period as per regulating rules
  • - Issuing university cards for  female graduate and preparatory year students of scientific and health tracks, and female students of the colleges of humanities, parallel master's, diploma, and transitional program as well as replacements for lost IDs
  • - Coordinating regarding the preparation of female alumnus directory, tendering documents and degree certificates to female graduates, and ratifying them
  • - Completing the procedures for withdrawal from the university and implementing them on the system according to the regulations and instructions
  • - Following up female students stipends and issuing transcripts according to the regulating procedures, and ratifying them
  • - Preparing summer session schedules for all colleges and departments, and coordinating with them in case of making any comments
  •  - Following up and receiving the files of female students who complete the transitional program in College of Applied Studies and Community Service
  • - Investing system users on the academic system with the powers to access the system as requested by colleges and pursuant to the instructions and regulating rules
  • - Conducting  course equivalencies for regular and visiting students in accordance with the regulating procedures
  • - Providing colleges with reports and statistics that are not available on data storage devices  or in the reports of the academic system, as requested by colleges and  according to the regulating instructions
  • - Providing continuous technical support pertaining to the academic system E-register
  • - Linking new female students with the academic female advisors automatically after receiving the lists from departments and colleges
  • - Holding seminars and guidance meetings for regular female students at the university Participating in the graduation ceremony of female students
  • - Contacting high schools and holding guidance seminars on admission
  • - Proposing plans and programs that ensure proper functioning
Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:18am