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Documentation Department

Tasks made by the Department

  • Follow-up academic cases for undergraduate students (Bachelor, Diploma and Associate).
  • Study cases for students who have approvals from the boards of colleges to give them an opportunity or request re-entry and the implementation of the cases that meet the conditions and display cases that the conditions do not apply to the Committee of Student problems.
  • Follow-up and implementation of the University Council decisions for students who have the approval of the exceptional opportunities.
  • Implementation of the decisions of the disciplinary committee of students.
  • Auditing internal and external forms of equations requests and send them to the Department of support and assistance implementation.
  • Follow-up and implementation of the transferring request within the university colleges.
  • Issuing visitor students letters .
  • Issuing Academic level letters for students .
  • Auditing expected to graduate students.
  • Execute graduation process for  all university students (Bachelor, Diploma and Associate) and print their graduation certificates.
Last updated on : January 12, 2023 1:18am