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Computer Department

Tasks made by the Department 


Providing comprehensive continuous support for the different departments of the Deanship  in all the matters related to computing, such as programs, network failure, system errors, maintenance of machines, printers, and photocopiers, network-wire fitting, and preparing necessary technical reports about the conditions of the deanship devices when requested

Managing the deanship network as the main server of the deanship exists in the Department of Computing

The server contains volumes and special files pertaining to each department of the deanship. Access to this data is given according to assigned powers

Managing the server of electronic archiving, which consists of the transcript system  for former students

Providing many lists and statistics requested by the administrations of the university and its various colleges

The Department receives the application, prepares the data whether it is lists, reports or statistics as per requested, and then delivers the results as requested

Preparing university cards. 

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