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Registration Department

 Tasks made by the Department

Looking into study plans newly proposed by the concerned colleges and departments, highlighting the deanship observations upon them in respect of technical and academic aspects, and forwarding these observations to the standing committee for study plans and academic system

Updating study plans and courses on the network after approval

Updating departments and specializations on the network after approval by competent authorities

Following up and updating study plans as well as setting rules and regulations for them so as to ensure conducting enrollment according to the requirements of colleges whether for courses or semesters

Typing and printing out academic schedules and enrollment totals for the first and second semesters as well as annual enrollment totals for all students, and notifying colleges to amend them if necessary

Following up colleges with regard to updating academic schedules and issuing error reports, notifying colleges of them, and putting forward appropriate solutions to these errors

Liaising with colleges to give the final check on academic schedules so as to be ready for the final enrollment

Deleting the tentative enrollment form the database

Preparing final exam schedules and test clash lists for students and coordinating with colleges in order to work out these clashes

Registering visiting students from outside the university

Canceling classes whose the number of enrolling students is below the minimum for  constituting a class

Merging and canceling  some classes upon the request of some colleges on the basis of the enlargement or capacity of these classes

Preparing the proposed academic calendar for the following year

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