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Admission Department

 Tasks made by the Department

Implementation of the policy of the university with regard to admission, and liaison with the colleges of the university for the admission stage in terms of numbers and the conditions required by each college in line with the policy of the university

Follow-up of the e-admission process, the results of final admission and data entry of students on the academic system

Coordination of the transfer process from outside the university in accordance with  the regulating rules

 Verification of admitted students' files and keeping them in designated places according to the rules regulating the process of receiving, checking and keeping files in the Department after entering them on the academic system along with registering student numbers on them

 Following up and solving the problems of admittedstudents

Organization of the procedures for admitting non-Saudi scholarship students in line with the allotted scholarships

Organization of the procedures for admitting non-Saudi outstanding students

Admitting candidates from the Ministry of Education and state institutions to complete their studies at the university pursuant to the regulating rules

 Admitting visiting students from other universities to study at King Saud University

Issuing university cards for admitted students according to the dates specified at the beginning of the semester

 Administering the withdrawal from admission of admitted students who withdraw at the beginning of study

 Responding to students' emails and inquiries via the Deanship website and student forum

Liaising with high schools and receiving school students

 Proposing plans for the development of work and simplification of procedures

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